Fly Your Kite Practical Skills Activity Camp



Flyers (ages 7-13) will develop and explore their favorite skills at our summer Youth Camps.

This exclusive camp program teaches through both outdoor and camp activities.  For our Summer camp, we will be hosting two one-week camps starting July 5 – 11 and then July 19 – 24 in Northern California. Have your child(ren) join in on our next camp experience as we continue to reach new heights one skill at a time!

The registration price includes a 10% non-refundable deposit. You can receive a 50% refund (excluding the deposit) if you cancel before June 1st. After June 1st, no refunds will be granted and we will be excited to know your Flyer(s) is coming to fly their kite!

Per Camper:

July 5 – 11: $2,000

July 19 – 24: $2,000

Transportation from the Bay Area: $200 roundtrip per camper

Please read the Conditions For Enrollment below before Enrolling Your Flyer in Our Summer Program.

Product Description

Conditions For Enrollment

Please fill out the registration documents here. You’ll also receive the same link in your welcome email with the payment.


  1. The due date for enrollment for our Summer Program is June 1st. 

  2. All Flyers, parents/guardians, and relatives agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the camp for the health, safety, and welfare of the campers.

  3. We want all of our Flyers to stay with us and help build our community for the entire week. If a child’s conduct or influence is contributing negatively to our community in the opinion of the Camp Director, however, then we will ask for the Flyer’s parents/guardians to pick up the child. If this occurs, we cannot provide any refund for camp fees or reimbursement for any additional costs incurred to transport their child(ren) home.

  4. We hope all Flyers go back home with all of their belongings that they brought to camp. FYK is not responsible, though, for any personal belongings lost or damaged by fire, theft, misplacement, etc.

  5. We want to share all of the great activities and community building that happen at camp with others. Enrolling indicates consent to the use of any photos or videos of their Flyer(s) to be used for advertising or promotion of Camp.

  6. We hope to be able to welcome all Flyers who enroll in our Program. As needed, though, we reserve the right to refuse enrollment.

Health and Safety

  1. Covid-19 Safety Regulations: We will be observing and following all the safety regulations by governmental standards.

  2. If You Are Away: Should both parents (or all guardians) leave their residence for an extended period of time during the camp session, the Camp Director must be notified where they can be contacted in case of an emergency.

  3. Medical Emergencies: In case of a medical emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for my child(ren). All such expenses will be the sole responsibility of, and shall be paid for by, the parents/guardians.

  4. Pre-Program Health Exam: A health examination form, completed by a physician, must be submitted by the due date as listed in the first paragraph of these Terms and Conditions. NO CAMPER WILL BE ACCEPTED TO CAMP WITHOUT A HEALTH EXAMINATION FORM.

  5. I understand and acknowledge that certain activities as listed in the camp brochures have an increased risk of injury. Enrolling acknowledges you are taking full responsibility for your child(ren)’s safety and well-being while they are participating in such activities. I hereby agree to release and indemnify Fly Your Kite, and all their officers, employees, agents, and representatives whatsoever from any claims, costs, expenses (including attorney fees), and/or damages which any of them may sustain or incur from your child(ren)’s participation in such activities.

Communication and Mail

  1. Phones & Devices: Flyers may not place or receive phone calls during our Summer Program. Parents are welcome to contact our Director Team directly if needed. All cell phones, tablets, e-readers, Apple Watches, and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited at camp. For the protection of all campers’ privacy, please do not send cell phones or these devices to camp.

  2. If traveling by plane: If a camper is traveling to our from camp via airline, their phone will be held and charged prior to their return flight in our office. The camp will not take any responsibility for lost cell phones or electronic devices.

  3. Food: Food items are not to be mailed or shipped to campers (except for medical purposes) and must be arranged in advance with the Camp office.

  4. Mail: Camper mail is limited to envelopes and postcards only. No packages whatsoever will be accepted at camp. Any care packages received will be returned unopened.

Additional Information

Camp Weeks

July 5 – 11, July 19 – 24

Round Trip Transportation

Add Round Trip Transportation, No Transportation