A note from Lana, the Founder of Fly Your Kite

I have a Master’s Degree in Child Education and Psychology and an MBA. I started a trade show business in 2009 and currently run a marketing company. When my daughter Jaclyn was born, I knew I wanted her to grow up independent and confident, but I worried about finding the time to teach her practical skills. I started Fly Your Kite to engage other children in experiential learning and help them discover new hobbies and passions.



As a child, I would come home after school, before my parents got home from work, and I would make myself something to eat. Then I would do my homework and straighten up the house, so that when my parents got home from work we could play games. I loved making them gifts: sewing cute gifts for my mom and painting for my dad. I was always busy developing my independence and creativity by doing and making things.
At the age of 14, I wanted to start a business, so I opened a fruit stand and made money so that I could buy myself things on my own. My hard work and focus in school and business paid off because I received a scholarship to attend college. I used my degree to become a manager in a large company. A few years later, I completed my MBA and started two of my own businesses.

Now I have a 10-year-old daughter Jaclyn. She will be a Flyer this summer, and I want her to feel independent like I did at her age! Recently, Jaclyn’s button fell off of her skirt. I asked her to sew it back on. She tried, but got frustrated. I want kids to be able to fix things on their own…or create, or lead , or communicate on their own. Everything they need to feel empowered.

Although it can be hard to do new things, Iearning life skills is EMPOWERING! When you develop these skills, you can express yourself through art projects, earn a scholarship for college, work in a business, or even start your own business. I started Fly Your Kite to help children like you step outside of their comfort zone and reach their full, unique potential.